From the Beginning

The Paquin Family

Our family has created the very special paradise known as Paquin Farms & French Fort Vineyards, and we hope that you enjoy it during your visit. Cheers!"

                                   -Haydon Paquin

  • In 2006, Jeff and Haydon Paquin began purchasing several former tobacco and cattle farms in Brownsville, Kentucky.  Over a few years, Mr. and Mrs. Paquin then combined these properties to create Paquin Farms.  The Paquins saw endless potential with the property due to its incredible beauty and close proximity to Mammoth Cave National Park.

  • In 2007, at just 11 years of age, Macey Paquin, the Paquins' oldest daughter, created the famed Farmer Penguin  logo.  Today, the Penguin logo is found throughout the Paquin Farms property and is integrated into nearly everything we do.

  • In 2010, Mr. and Mrs. Paquin realized that the property was too special and unique to keep to themselves.  So they started to conceptualize the creation of the Paquin Farms Event Center, a number of venues on the Paquin Farms property for group camping, business meetings, outdoor team building and fitness activities, and other events and activities.  The Paquin Farms Events Center fit well with an existing business of Mr. Paquin's, Paquin LLC, which has focused on bringing organizations and people together for decades through events, meetings, associations, neutral services, and other activities.

  • In 2014, limestone rich soils and North-facing rolling hills were discovered at Paquin Farms.  Shortly thereafter, Logan Paquin, the Paquins' oldest son, oversaw the establishment of several Chambourcin and Muskat vineyards on the property.  Logan farmed by day and attended college by night at nearby WKU, an educational partner of Paquin Farms & French Fort Vineyards.  The name French Fort Vineyards was selected for the vineyards because on June 14, 1826, part of the land on which the vineyards are located was patented and settled as "French Fort."

  • Today, Paquin Farms & French Fort Vineyards is a 175 acre property located near Mammoth Cave National Park that is engaged in various business and agricultural activities, including the rental of its venues for events and meetings, growing grapes, and other activities.  The property is in continual development with new event venues and vineyards being added every year.  Founders Jeff and Haydon Paquin, and their four children, Logan, Macey, Mallory and Mills, are often seen strolling through the vineyards and enjoying the company of our many guests.  We hope that some day soon you will visit Paquin Farms & French Fort Vineyards and allow us the pleasure of meeting you.