Paquin Farms & French Fort Vineyards, through Paquin Farms Events Center, has 175 acres of natural and man-made venues surrounded by beautiful vineyards that are available for rent for group events and activities such as outdoor team building and fitness events, group camping, outdoor concerts, family reunions, outdoor sporting events, group get-a-ways, etc.  The Paquin Farms Event Center venues are also available for rent for business group and organizational events and activities such as outdoor team building, outdoor retreats, business brain storming outings, etc.  Additionally, Paquin Farms Events Center occasionally sponsors special events and activities related to health, fitness, the arts, the community, vitaculture, and other areas.

At Paquin Farms & French Fort Vineyards, we are all about creativity.  So we encourage and allow our clients and event planners to choose an existing venue on our property for their event, or to take a "sandbox" approach and have us create a venue or set-up uniquely their own.  We are only limited by our imaginations.  If needed, we also have an on-site professional meeting facilitator and certified personal trainer to provide event or activity assistance.  Please contact us to discuss your unique event needs and how we can customize a venue or activity to meet those needs.  Some of the most popular and established venues on our property that can be rented and enjoyed for events and activities are listed below. 

  • Outdoor Team Building Areas
  • Outdoor Business Meeting Areas
  • Group Camping Areas
  • Outdoor Reception Venues
  • Picnic Areas
  • Sports Activity and Football Field
  • Basketball Court and Other Sports Venues
  • Central Park Meeting Area (Phoenix Park)
  • Hiking and Jogging Trails
  • Outdoor Group Yoga, Fitness and Meditation Areas
  • Community Fire Pit for Large Group Bonfires
  • Stocked Catch-and-Release Fishing Lake with Dock
  • Vineyards and Other Areas for Group and School Photographs
  • Areas for Filming Movies and Videos

Please note that we are not open to the general public.  Our venues are available for rent by individuals, groups, and organizations for events and activities by reservation only.  Thank you!

Our Venues - Uniquely Customized for Your Event