French Fort Vineyards

Welcome to French Fort Vineyards! Kentucky is often associated with prized horses, the Derby, and delicious bourbon. But times are now changing, as the Commonwealth of Kentucky is returing back to its pre-Prohibition roots as a notable figure in the vineyard industry. As a leader in this exciting initiative, we strive to provide and preserve the perfect balance of Old World, French traditions with influences of New World, North American country-side traits. Our French origin and essence, combined with the innovative spirit of American culture, has allowed us to create a truly remarkable and particular utopia. Whether you're intrigued by our viticulturists' progressive and artistic techniques, the exceptional quality and unique style of our hand-crafted wines that we are developing, or the "wow" factor often accompanied by the beauty of our manicured and naturally beautiful estate and events center, French Fort Vineyards is the premier name in Kentucky Boutique Vineyards. We are Kentucky's Most Favored.

Our Vineyards


French Fort Vineyards is considered a leader among Kentucky's boutique vineyards, and has numerous vineyards in various stages of development. Working closely with Western Kentucky University (WKU), our focus revolves around exceptional quality and continuous innovation. Education and community development are our top priorities.


Currently, our portfolio boasts approximately 600 Chambourcin vines that were planted in 2015 and 400 Muskat vines that were planted in 2016.  Chambourcin is a French-American interspecific hybrid red grape variety. It has a strong resistance to fungal disease and is one of the parents of the new disease resistant variety, Regent, which is increasing in popularity within the Southern United States. Muskat is a grape variety that has been used in wine production for centuries.  The muskat grape has a pronounced sweet floral aroma.  


In the near future, we will be planting several additional vineyards. We also plan on experimenting with select European varieties. These varieties present more challenges in our region, but they will allow greater opportunities for innovation.

Our Future Wines

As a leader in innovation, French Fort Vineyards will rewrite the rules of vinification, otherwise known as winemaking.


The first step begins with our vines. Our vines are the lifeblood of our wines. Through careful preparation, we are able to condition each and every vine for the best possible yield. While most vineyards may be hesitant with respect to extensive and abstract experimentation, French Fort Vineyards is driven by discovering the unknown.


The wine and vineyard industry is close-knit. By working together with the region's greatest wineries, both small and large, we will be able to produce truly distinctive wines. Our most recent focus of study involves the possible utilization of Kentucky bourbon and whiskey barrels in the wine making process. These aged, oak barrels are loaded with rare flavors that are exclusive to Kentucky. By pairing together suitable grape varieties with the use of a "flash aging" process, the result would be an exclusive Kentucky wine with a complementary, well-balanced flavor profile.


Currently, our wines are in development and are not available for public purchase. We invite you to try our exciting creations in the future.  Please watch for updates and more information regarding the public sale of our wines.

Division of Estate & Events

The French Fort Vineyards Division of Estate & Events focuses on the development and rental of our property and venues for group events and other activities within our vineyards.  This allows Paquin Farms & French Fort Vineyards to be enjoyed by others, while at the same time working closely with third-party event vendors to promote local economic development.

Division of Grapes & Wine

The French Fort Vineyards Division of Grapes & Wine is responsible for the marketing and sale of our grapes, in addition to the development and sale of our future wines.  For any vineyard to be succcessful, the most suitable grape buyers must be identified, whether those grapes are used for the buyers' own winery or, in the future, used to produce wine for French Fort Vineyards.

Division of Viticulture

The French Fort Vineyards Division of Viticulture administers the agricultural science, technology, art, and study of our vineyards.  From the preparation of the soil, to the selection and planting of varietals, to the care of the vines, this Division ensures that the final grape product will be spectacular.